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National Advertising Campaign

Proven Winners Delivers 10+ BILLION Impressions

Every single day, we're reaching out to consumers to communicate our brand promise and build the exposure that is so critical in our customers success. Our broad reaching marketing campaign delivered over 10,000,000,000 impressions last year by harnessing the power of all the efforts you see pictured below.

These impressions serve as reminders and motivation for consumers who have never been exposed to the brand in addition to the loyal following we've worked to build. Though the campaign runs all year, it is most heavily weighted during peak selling seasons to help move product when store traffic is high.





Print Advertising
No other brand does more direct to consumer advertising. Proven Winners ColorChoice ads have a unique, eye-catching look that drives readers to your store. See all of our ads and their messaging.

Social Media
Find Proven Winners on:

Facebook (300,000 Followers)
Instagram (101,587 Followers)
YouTube (9,890,668 video views -3 channels)
TikTok (new this season)

Pinterest  (4.4 Million Monthly Views)
Twitter (17,700 Followers)

Social media efforts are greatly expanding as we reach more people across a broad array of social platforms. We are meeting people where they live – in online communities – inspiring them and answering their questions to help build their confidence in the garden. 


Proven Beauty
We've created a visual-centric website filled with inspirational content and ideas based on our annual Gardener's Idea Book. Idea book topics are explored further on Proven Beauty, adding video, step by step how-to instructions, and more background information on each topic. 

Laura LeBoutillier is an emerging force in the field of gardening. She started Garden Answer in 2014, a YouTube how-to gardening vlog filled with style, expertise and helpful gardening knowledge.

Today, she hosts over 787,000 YouTube channel subscribers and has generated over 500 million views of her YouTube gardening videos. Garden Answer has over 2.9 million facebook followers and is active on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Laura has become quite the sensation in just a short period of time and her numbers are continually growing.

Take advantage of this opportunity to share Garden Answer videos with your customers. Find all the links you'll need on this page.


Our billboard campaign, which focuses on building brand awareness, continues to expand into new markets including billboards in cities across the US and Canada each spring.


Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs
The iHeart summer-fall podcasting campaign has served over 4 million impressions with over 1,050,000 unique listeners. 


a collage of plants and flowers

Connect+ Gardener's Idea Book Co-Op Program
Our popular Gardener's Idea Book is sent out by request to over 500,000 consumers annually. We release the plant list to our grower and retail customers in advance each year so they can be ready for
the coming demand. Retailers have the valuable opportunity to do a custom mailing to their own customers each spring. We provide the books for FREE, you just pay the postage.


Garden Design
Our recent partnership with Garden Design has garnered amazing new exposure for the Proven Winners brand. Six to eight million gardening enthusiasts visit their website each year where Proven Winners annuals, perennials, shrubs and hard goods are featured prominently.
Our website serves millions each year, yet as more and more people turn to their mobile devices to stay connected and keep informed, we are turning our efforts to meet them there. E-commerce functionality has been added and we are continually working to develop better resources for growers, brokers and retailers.

Consumer E-Newsletter
Twice a month during the peak gardening season, 279,582 gardeners receive our consumer newsletter. Author Kerry Meyer has developed a loyal following because of her relatable style and timely topics. Encourage your customers to sign up for our newsletter here.


National Recipes and Plants of the Year
The goal of this awards program is to create awareness and demand for the most reliable and outstanding plants Proven Winners offers. Growers need plants that are easy to produce. Retailers need plants with strong sell-through. Consumers need plants with excellent garden performance.  See the consumer website - 

Radio and Streaming Advertising
With a goal to reach broader audiences of gardening enthusiasts, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® has scheduled increased media exposure with the largest broadcast and internet radio campaign they have ever planned, generating over 80 million impressions this year.

The Pandora internet radio campaign will feature the voice of Laura LeBoutillier from Garden Answer, the online gardening tutorial personality who has become a household name.

The brand’s terrestrial radio campaign is expanding, broadcasting in new markets each year.

Between broadcast radio and Pandora, Proven Winners ColorChoice plans to hit 62/100 of the top designated market areas (DMA) in the US, plus the #1 DMA in Canada.

OTT, refers to platforms where content like movies and television shows are streamed "Over The Top" of the internet by production companies and broadcasting channels such as Netflix, Disney, Roku, Apple Music, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and more. These platforms run advertising with some of their subscription models and we have seen great success reaching targeted markets through these services.

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs
Impressions: 5,200,543
Reach: 2,151,634
Watch Time: 43,337 hours


Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs is
sponsoring the popular GardenSMART TV Show

(Show times)

GardenSMART delivers roughly 24 million impressions
 for Proven Winners every year and tops all
 other cable gardening shows.



Hulu is an American subscription video on demand over-the-top streaming service owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast.

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Shrubs
Impressions: 2,924,815
Reach: 1,368,120
Watch Time: 23,822



We offer a broad array of point of purchase materials that are educational, inspirational and organizational to help build brand recognition at your garden center. For your convenience, we offer POP kits for annuals, perennials and the Proven Winners brand. We are also happy to work with you to develop custom POP.



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