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2024 Certified Garden Center Training Program Video

It’s time to complete our Proven Winners Certified Garden Center Training Program!

Let’s get started! Complete your Certification in just four simple steps.


Step 1: If you are a garden center owner or manager, please Log In and follow the step-by-step instructions here to set up your garden center to complete the certification program.

*If you are a garden center team member, please ask your manager for your individual test key. You will need this to complete your test.

Step 2: Watch the Certified Garden Center Training Program Video shown above. 

Step 3: Download the Certified test and answer key to take offline or to follow along with the video above.

Step 4: Take the Certified test one of two ways:

  • For individuals completing the training: Take the Certified test and submit the answer key online. Note that a test key is required for all garden center employees taking the test.

  • For groups completing the training: Complete one test and answer key as a group and email the one completed answer key to Karin.

 Step 5: For groups only - Complete and send Karin your completed Group Certification Rewards Form. (Individuals complete this step online as part of the testing process.)


Understanding that Wi-Fi capabilities can be spotty in some locations, here are a few tips for watching the Certification video:

This video may take a few minutes to load. For best results, click Play to begin downloading it, then click Pause to allow the video to buffer. If your connection speed is slow, you may want to wait until the video has downloaded halfway for best results. To watch the video in full screen mode, hover over the video with your mouse and click the four outward-facing arrows icon. Press the ESC key to get back out of full screen mode at the end of the video.

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