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Small Garden Ideas, Plants & Design

A small garden can be just as beautiful and creative as a large yard. Here you'll find lots of inspiring ideas for a small garden. 

Top 10 Shrubs for Containers and Small Spaces

Gardening isn’t just for folks who have large yards. Some of the most creative and beautiful gardens are made in small spaces, where choices are deliberate and plants offer more than just one thing. 

strawberries in pot

5 Tips for Growing Edible Plants in Small Spaces

You could harvest your next meal from your expansive vegetable garden, but what if you’re someone who gardens solely on a balcony or don’t have room for a dedicated veggie patch? Good news! You can grow plenty of herbs, small fruits and vegetables in containers, and you might find a few edible flowers growing in your landscape, too.

vertical gardening

Grow Up – Vertical Gardening

You should really grow up! Wait, let me put that a better way…you should really try vertical gardening. While it has become kind of a trendy concept in recent years, vertical gardening is about way more than those fashionable green walls you see everywhere. At its simplest, vertical gardening means that you’re using every available inch to create a special outdoor space where you can be surrounded by greenery, and it especially makes sense if you have limited space.

small flower pots

11 Tidy Plants for Table Tops

Sometimes a petite plant is exactly what you need! Here are eleven varieties that pack a wallop in a small package and deliver nonstop color all summer long.

small baptisia

Native Baptisia - Perfectly Sized For Your Home Garden

Discover cultivars of native false indigo that are perfectly sized for urban and suburban landscapes.

narrow plants

Plants for Tight Spaces

Looking for just the right plant to fit in that narrow space along your front walkway or unique plants to tuck into a retaining wall? Find those and many more in this pictorial guide to plants for tight spaces. 


Container Gardening Guide

Container gardening is the perfect way to exercise your green thumb whether you live in a house with a yard, a patio home, or a condo with a balcony.

potted hydrangea

How to Grow Hydrangeas in Pots

For unbelievable beauty anywhere you want it, pop a hydrangea in a pot and put it where you need it to go! Porch, driveway, balcony, sidewalk, deck.

potted tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots

One of the most anticipated rites of summer is harvesting the first homegrown tomato. Even if you have limited outdoor space, you can still grow tomatoes in containers on a deck, patio or apartment balcony.

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