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Top 10 Wonderful White Annuals

Everyone always raves about the perfect little black dress.  When it comes to gardens I think white is just as important and packs more impact than black. White stands out against green foliage and contrasts with every other color under the rainbow. If you’re ever stuck on what color to add to your planting, it’s hard to go wrong with white. Let’s look at ten awesome annuals with white flowers.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer



ANGELFACE® Super White Angelonia

This super-sized Angelonia stands nearly double the height of typical varieties, putting on an outstanding show of color in the landscape and in large containers. Large, pure white blooms appear on sturdy flower scapes from spring until frost. Like all Proven Winners Angelonias, Angelface® Super White thrives in hot, humid conditions and require less water than many flowering annuals.  

30-34” tall x 12-16 spread. Sun.

PURE WHITE BUTTERFLY Argyranthemum frutescens
'G14420' USPPAF, Can PBRAF

Want a daisy that blooms all summer? Try White Butterfly Argyranthemum, which bears a flurry of pure white blooms from spring through fall on tall, bushy plants. It’s super versatile, thriving in both cool springs and hot summers in full sun. It will be the star of the show in large containers and landscapes.

18-36: tall x 12-20 spread. Part sun to sun.


SUPERBELLS® White Calibrachoa hybrid
'Balcal14141' USPPAF

Some flowers are simply essential to creating gorgeous combination recipes, and this is one of them. Superbells White is the perfect accent plant for hanging baskets, upright containers and window boxes. We’ve improved it to be a stronger grower with a fuller shape that is covered in flowers from spring into fall without having to remove the spent blossoms. Calibrachoa grows best in containers with good drainage, so make sure there is at least one hole in the bottom of the one you use.

6-12” tall x 12-24” spread. Part sun to sun.


ENDLESS® Flirtation Browallia
'UNHBR18' USPP 19,822

Shade plants always seem to be in very short supply, so we end up using the same old few annuals for our shade containers. I know I thirst for new plants for shade, which is why I can’t figure out why Endless Flirtation isn’t on the must have list for every gardener with a shady spot. The reasons why you should love it are practically endless. Not only does it love shade, it will take dry shade. It is a trailing plant for shade, which practically makes it a unicorn. It is great in heat and white is an awesome color to light up a shady spot. What’s not to love?

12-16” tall x 10-14” spread. Part shade to shade.


'INCLESBIMP' USPP 27,011, Can 5,504

Does it seem to you like every plant you see is trailing, mounded or spreading?  They’re great for adding color and quickly covering ground. Annual plants to add some height while blooming all summer, on the other hand, are in short supply. Senorita Blanca adds that height with great panache. Unlike old-fashioned cleome, flowers appear all over the plant not just on the top. It is well-branched with smooth non-sticky foliage. It is virtually pest-free and the stems don’t have thorns. It loves the heat and will bloom deep into fall, until a hard frost. It’s a fantastic plant for landscapes and is great as a thriller in very large containers.

24-48” tall x 18-24 Spread. Sun.

'Inneuphdia' USPP 17,567, Can 2,830

You may be familiar with other kinds of Euphorbias that need blazing hot sun to survive, but the annual Diamond Frost Euphorbia is nothing like its sun loving cousins. While it certainly will grow in sun, it will also grow and bloom in part sun and open shade. These truly are plants you can grow almost anywhere. Use wispy Diamond Frost to combine with other shade loving plants in combinations and Diamond Delight at the edges of borders and containers. Don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance, it is a tough as nails, beyond the hose, rock star of a plant!

12-18” tall x 12-18” spread. Sun to part shade.


'Inlbusnopr' USPP 21,594, Can 4,189

Snow Princess® Lobularia took the gardening world by storm when she was first introduced in 2010. Gardeners had never seen a sweet alyssum more vigorous, floriferous, or heat tolerant. This big, showy bloomer makes enormous hanging baskets and works well as a ground cover too. Though it performs admirably as a cool season annual, it continues to be a blooming powerhouse through the summer heat and well into fall. It is incredibly fragrant and makes an awesome annual ground cover. Plant it in a spot where you can water easily as it will look its best with moist soil.
4-8” tall x 24-48” spread. Sun to part sun.

SUPERTUNIA® White Petunia
'KL 1117' USPP 25,485, Can 4,778

I love Supertunias. They are great plants for containers and landscapes and white will go with absolutely everything. The deep green foliage is super-healthy, tough and durable. The white blooms have just a touch of yellow-green in the throat and petal substance is excellent. This is a weather tolerant plant that will bounce back from a rainstorm looking none-the-worse for wear. It doesn’t need to be deadheaded and it will bloom from planting until a hard frost comes along.

6-12” tall x 18-24 spread.  Sun to part Sun.

CATALINA® Grape-o-licious Torenia

This mostly white flower has a deep purple throat.  The contrast between these two colors just highlights how pure the white petal edges are. This vigorous shade plant is strongly trailing and packs on the color. It is very heat tolerant and will do well in landscapes as well as containers. It is particularly fine cascading out of window boxes or hanging baskets. While it is primarily a shade plant (and a particularly fine one, at that), it will do well in sun with only a bit of foliage bronzing as long as it is kept well-watered. It is a versatile and completely under-utilized gem that you will fall in love with.

8-12” tall x 8-12” spread. Sun to shade.



Expect loads of large clusters of pure white flowers all season on this beautiful mounded to trailing Superbena. Its’ simple coloring makes it easy to pair up with all kinds of flowers in hanging baskets, upright containers and window boxes. Like all our Superbena verbenas, it blooms through the heat of summer without going to seed and is exceptionally resistant to powdery mildew.

6-12” tall x 18-30” spread. Part sun to sun.  



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