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Why Proven Winners


No Industry is Greener than Gardening!

Proven Winners is constantly working to refine and improve our offerings for North American gardeners and aid the nursery industry in using the best in new plant and production materials. We are committed to doing this by providing education and service to gardeners everywhere to help them succeed.

From our inception in 1992, Proven Winners has made this same commitment to sustainable production practices in every one of our propagation facilities in order to provide plants that are not only better for gardeners, but that are ultimately more environmentally friendly too.

It All Starts with a Better Plant

  • The right plant for all places: A plant with poor genetics or a limited range of performance requires more chemical inputs to survive and perform. Proven Winners searches the world to find and select plants that are clearly superior to others of their type in our trials in Michigan, New Hampshire, Germany, Japan, and Florida. This selection process translates into better performance for the homeowner with fewer chemical inputs needed. These plants are often more resistant to disease and insect pests, have better heat and humidity tolerance, and the broadest geographic range of superior garden performance. All of this translates to fewer insecticides and fungicides needed and overall tougher plants.
  • Start healthy – stay healthy: In addition to strenuous testing for garden performance, Proven Winners goes the extra step in protecting our plants and the home gardeners who use them. All Proven Winners plant varieties are screened for specific plant diseases and viral organisms. It is not a fast or inexpensive process and usually amounts to about $5,000.00 per plant. Why do we do it? So that when the plants arrive at local garden centers, we know we have done everything possible to ensure home gardeners are getting the healthiest plants possible. It is really a simple concept - gardeners are more likely to succeed and see the value in Proven Winners if they start with strong plants. We want people to remember Proven Winners as the best plants they have ever grown! A better garden really does start with a better plant.

  • Educate for success: A key cause of environmental pollution is lack of education. We have made a primary commitment to home gardeners, and to that end, our website is the gardener's link to plant specialists who are here to answer your questions every day. If we don't know the answer, we will send you to people who do. That's because we feel that if our customers are well informed, they will have more success in their garden and make fewer mistakes that could have an environmental impact. Our websites, newsletters, idea books, and other publications reach millions of gardeners annually with accurate information including how to water and fertilize, seasonal issues such as pruning and overwintering, gardening ideas, and most of all, a commitment to their success.




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