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23 Types of Orange Flowers For Your Garden

I get the feeling that orange is an often-overlooked color. Yellow and red, two other hot colors, seem to get better PR than orange, and that is unfortunate since orange is awesome! Whether you combine it with yellow and red to create a party atmosphere on your patio or contrast it with cool blue for a high drama planting, you’ll realize that orange is a much more flexible color than you might have thought. Here are 23 plants with orange flowers to consider for your garden.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

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1. Campfire® Flame Bidens

When cool weather arrives, the color of this plant deepens to a rich orange. When the heat rises, the flowers tend to be red with a touch of yellow. Whichever color the plant sports, masses of petite flowers blanket the densely mounded plants. They remind me of fall mums, but they bloom all summer long and into the fall.

8-14” Tall. Part to Full Sun. Annual.

2. Superbells® Dreamsicle® Calibrachoa

Superbells are great plants to use in containers and are one of the key components in many of our combination recipes. They need very well-draining soil to grow well, so most of us will want to use these in containers rather than in landscape beds. Dreamsicle is a rich, versatile orange that holds its own when combined with bright yellow and red and is great when contrasted with blue flowers.

6-12” Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.

3. Superbells® Double Orange Calibrachoa

Superbells Double Orange is basically Superbells Dreamsicle with double flowers. It will fall over the edge of your containers adding a nice trailing element, but has enough height to also function as a filler in your planter or basket. If you are not familiar with the Thriller, Filler, Spiller method for creating mixed containers, you can learn more here.

6-12” Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.

4. Superbells® Double Amber Calibrachoa

Like Superbells Double Orange, Double Amber has fully double, rose-like flowers. This unique amber-orange color has a soft, soothing tone. The flowers have dark veins and are sometimes suffused with pink radiating from the center of the flowers. If you are looking for the softer side of orange, Double Amber is perfect.  The plant is typically buried in flowers that cascade over the edge of the pot.

6-12” Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.

5. Superbells® Tangerine Punch Calibrachoa

Like the other Superbells options, Tangerine Punch functions as both a filler and a spiller in combination planters and hanging baskets. It offers petals with quite a bit of color interest—the outer edges of the petals are a lovely citrus orange but the middle of the flower is deep velvety black. The contrast between the two colors is very eye-catching. If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween container, mixing Tangerine Punch with ColorBlaze Wicked Hot and Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight would be perfect.  This trio will result in a container sporting black and orange foliage and flowers.

6-12”  Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.


6. Rockapulco® Orange Shades Impatiens

Shade plants are often ignored, but great plants for shade do exist. Our Rockapulco series of Double Impatiens has a good range of colors, including a wonderful saturated orange. These plants are flowering powerhouses, buried in beautiful rose-like flowers. Combine them with one of our orange ColorBlaze Coleus (see below) and throw in a Sweet Caroline Sweet Potato Vine for a trailing element and you’ll have a gorgeous combination that is perfect for a shady spot.

10-20” Tall. Part Shade to Shade. Annual.


7. ColorBlaze® Sedona Sunset® Coleus

The orange foliage of this plant has a bit of a rosy glow to it, which adds depth and richness to the color and lends a brightness to the plant. It is great in both sun and shade and is well suited for containers or landscapes. An easy plant to fall in love with.

24-40” Tall. Sun or Shade. Annual.

8. ColorBlaze® Wicked Hot Coleus

I love the coppery-orange of the foliage on this variety and the leaves sport a ruffled, pointed margin. Wicked Hot is great in both sun and shade conditions, which makes it one of the most flexible plants on this list. Plant it in masses or as a focal point in garden beds, or use it as a thriller plant in combination recipes. I love planting it alone in a large container for constant color, with no flowers needed. ColorBlaze varieties have been selected during our breeding process because they tend to not flower, which keeps the foliage looking great all season.

24-40” Tall. Sun or Shade. Annual.

9. Vermillionaire® Cuphea

Vermillionaire is one of my all-time favorite plants. In fact, I love it enough that I am willing to fight the Japanese Beetle invasion every summer to have them in my garden! Why do I love it so much? First, hummingbirds adore it and Vermillionaire guarantees that I can watch hummingbirds flitting around my deck all summer—my office windows look out onto the deck. The second reason I love it is because butterflies think the plant is great too. But that’s not all! Vermillionaire is heat tolerant, can take some drought stress, and needs almost no input from the gardener. Plus,it works wonderfully in both containers and landscapes. Why wouldn’t you want it?

18-28” Tall. Sun. Annual

10. Luscious® Marmalade Lantana

Speaking of plants that pollinators love, Luscious Marmalade makes the list. I regularly see all three of the big pollinators visiting this plant. Butterflies and hummingbirds regularly visit and the bees join in too. One of the true joys of my garden is watching and listening to bumblebees. The plant is well-branched, flowers are gathered into large umbels and there are many umbels on each plant. The result is a riot of color and tons of activity as the various pollinators visit one of their favorite places to dine. Beyond that, Lantana is one of the easiest plants to grow.  Heat, humidity, drought, blasting sun – every other trial your garden might experience – Marmalade will shrug it off. When other plants are thinking, “man things are getting tough out here” Marmalade is keeping calm and carrying on. I do love a tough durable plant.

20-30” tall. Sun. Annual in most climates.

11. Sunsatia® Blood Orange Nemesia

We often talk about plants that can take the heat, often forgetting the joys of plants that happily tolerate cooler temperatures.  In early spring, and as summer turns into fall and temperatures drop, plants that will bloom even after light frosts begin are great additions to your garden. The Sunsatia Nemesias are well suited for spring and late summer through fall gardens. It will shrug off light frost as if it is nothing and combines well with pansies and other cool-season crops.

10-14” Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.


12. Mojave® Tangerine Portulaca

Mojave Tangerine reminds me of the color of orange sorbet.  The color might be cool, but the plant loves heat and is tough as nails. Plant it in full sun, supply some water if needed, but this is a pretty low input plant.  In landscape beds, it will be quite drought tolerant, and not very water needy. In containers, water has to be regularly supplied just like any container. It’s another tough and durable plant to consider.

4-8” Tall. Sun. Annual.

13. Orange A-Peel® Thunbergia

The A-Peels are one of the more unique plants we offer to gardeners. The common name for these plants is black-eyed Susan vines, and these orange flowers with the dark brown-to-black eye mimic rudbeckia, also known as black-eyed Susans. This color is the most common as well. I love that these are annual vines so you can enjoy all season without worrying that their roots will damage the structure of your home. Growing these on a trellis as a climbing vine is one great way to enjoy this variety, but there are other creative ways to consider as well. I’ve seen them used to create a Teepee, which would be fun for kids of all ages.

6-8’ Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual Vine.

14. Tangerine Slice A-Peel® Thunbergia

Tangerine Slice A-Peel is our most unique color, offering a pinwheel effect of red-orange and peach flowers. Using a trellis is again an option, but another is to plant Tangerine Slice A-Peel in your hanging basket.  It will climb the chains and create height and also trail over the side. Go light with the plant food to ensure better blooming. You can feed them, but keep them a little bit hungry to get the best bloom for your buck.

6-8’ Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual Vine.


15. Superbena® Peachy Keen Verbena

The tendency with orange is to think of bright, rich, hot colors, while ignoring the softer side of the color group.  Peachy Keen is the perfect plant to consider if you would like to use orange, but you don’t want it to be an 'in your face' type of color. This soft peachy color ranges from a pale blush to a nice peach tone that is a little bit on the pink side. It pairs perfectly with other soft colors. It is the perfect tone to use if you are looking to create a quiet oasis for contemplation.

6-12” Tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.

orange marigold flowers

16. Lady Godiva® Orange Calendula

This English marigold has large colorful flowers with great heat tolerance. Fully double flowers mean less seed set and fewer seedlings trying to take over your garden. Plant them in containers and landscapes. Easy to maintain with no deadheading necessary. 

10-16" tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual.

orange impatiens17. Infinity® Orange Impatiens

Need great flowering color for shaded areas? Infinity® Orange is a vigorous, upright plant with large flowers. Along with being pretty, they are resilient and need little to no maintenance.

10-14" tall. Part Shade to Shade. Annual.

orange Peruvian lily18. Inca Safari Alstroemeria

This Peruvian lily has bright orange flowers with pink undertones and speckled yellow centers. This is a tough, compact garden plant that flowers from spring through to autumn. Bonus: You can use the flowers as cut flowers!

10-14" tall. Part Sun to Sun. Perennial. Hardy in zones 6-9.

orange coneflower19. Color Coded® 'Orange You Awesome' Echinacea

This coneflower wows with large, tangerine orange flowers and dark cones produced above dark green leaves. I suggest you leave the flower heads intact into winter to watch birds come to eat! Grow in sunny and hot locations with well-drained soils. Tolerates light shade, but best performance is in full sun. Drought tolerant once established.

18-22" tall. Part Sun to Sun. Perennial. Hardy in zones 4-8.

orange daylily20. Rainbow Rhythm® 'Orange Smoothie' Hemerocallis

A daylily with orange-mango petals with a light rose band, borne on strong, well-branched, heavily budded scapes. Flowers appear in midsummer and again later in the season. A tough, adaptable perennial that will grow in almost any soil. Plant in full sun for optimum flowering performance.

2' tall and wide. Part Sun to Sun. Perennial. Hardy in zones 3-9.

orange flower spike21. Pyromania® 'Orange Blaze' Kniphofia

Bring unique drama to your landscape with the spiky flowers and upright habit of this red hot poker. Bright orange flowers are produced over grass-like foliage.

2-3' tall. Full Sun. Perennial. Hardy in zones 5-9.

orange canna lily22. Toucan® Dark Orange Canna

This deep orange canna lily will bloom all summer, it is extremely heat tolerant - loving both heat and humidity.  They are adaptable and can take damp conditions, but they are not especially water needy. Use these plants as the thriller in large combinations or in the landscape to lend a tropical feel to your garden.

2'6"-4' tall. Part Sun to Sun. Annual. 

orange rose23. At Last® Rosa

Enjoy a non-stop display of large, sweetly perfumed sunset-orange blossoms from late spring through frost. Since this rose won't need spraying or deadheading, it's very easy to grow.

2'6"-3' tall. Full Sun. Shrub. Hardy in zones 5-9. 

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