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Petunia Hanging Baskets - The Ultimate Guide from Proven Winners

Dress up a porch, patio, deck, arbor or pergola with dazzling petunia hanging baskets. This quintessential summer flower comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that go with any home exterior or landscape style.

Contributors: Janet Loughrey

When warmer weather arrives, it’s time to think about planting annuals, which will brighten up the yard with months of continuous color. Petunias are one of the most popular summer flowers for their vibrant long-lasting blooms, vigorous growth, and mounding, spreading or trailing habit that makes them perfect for hanging baskets. 

petunia hanging basket

With so many varieties to choose from, the possibilities for petunia hanging basket combinations are endless. While a single variety can be planted by itself, petunias really show off when paired with other petunias in complementary or contrasting colors and patterns. Here are some tips for how to create your own spectacular petunia hanging baskets. 


When to plant

Petunias are heat lovers that thrive during warm summer months. Wait until all danger of frost is past in your area to plant your petunias. 


For healthy growth and flowering, petunias do best with ample light. Place your hanging baskets in a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. 


To perform their best, petunias need rich, well-draining soil. Use a high-quality potting mix such as Proven Winners® Premium Potting Soil to give your plants all the ingredients they need to thrive.


Petunias are fast growers and need regular fertilizer to promote lush foliage and prolific flowering. At the time of planting, add Proven Winners® Premium Continuous Release Plant Food to the soil. Then, follow up with Proven Winners® Premium Water Soluble Plant Food every third time you water to help sustain their non-stop flower power and vigorous growth.

How to trim petunia hanging baskets

To deal with leggy petunias in hanging baskets, plants can be trimmed back to encourage more branching. Cut plants back by up to a third in mid summer for renewed growth and vigor.

Best Petunias for Hanging Baskets

Petunias are one of the best flowering annuals for hanging baskets. Use trailing and spreading types as a “spiller” element, while mounding or bushy forms can be used as a “filler.” 

Try these popular petunias:


How long do petunias last in hanging baskets?

As long as plants are properly cared for, petunia baskets will last from planting until frost.

How do you take care of petunias in a hanging basket?

Because water and nutrients leach out of hanging baskets more quickly than for plants in the ground, baskets will need more frequent care.

How do you keep petunia baskets looking good?

To keep petunia flower baskets looking their best, make sure they receive full sunlight, regular water, fertilizer and pruning.

How do you keep petunia baskets full?

Pinch tips back for more branching. Prune plants if they become lanky and fertilize to stimulate new growth.

How do you keep petunia baskets blooming?

Petunias are heavy feeders. Apply a slow-release fertilizer at the time of planting and supplement with a water-soluble fertilizer that contains a higher percentage of phosphorus and potassium to promote more blooms. Though older varieties require deadheading for continuous bloom, many modern hybrids are self-cleaning.

How many petunias are in one hanging basket?

It depends on how big the basket is and the mature size of the plants. For a 12-14 inch basket, use 4-6 starter plants in 4-inch pots.

What are the best petunias for hanging baskets?

Mounding, spreading or trailing petunias are best for baskets. Try Proven Winners® Supertunia® series, which come in a range of colors, patterns and forms. Check out these pretty purple petunias.

How often to water a petunia hanging basket?

Petunias do best with consistent water. Hanging baskets dry out quickly, so it’s important to check them frequently. If the soil feels dry 1-2 inches down, then it’s time to water. During hotter weather, this may mean watering once or twice a day. In cooler weather, reduce the amount of water and don’t allow soil to remain soggy.


With flowers in nearly every color, there are many possible petunia hanging basket combinations. Here are some ideas.

Misty Seas

Misty Seas  

Evoke the sensation of an ocean breeze with the cool tones of Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo, Supertunia Mini Vista® Violet Star and Supertunia Mini Vista® White in a hanging basket placed on a shepherd’s hook.

 Color Statement

Color Statement 

For a cheerful pink theme, combine Supertunia® Royal Magenta, Supertunia® Lovie Dovie and Supertunia® Silverberry in a hanging basket to liven up a deck.

 Hypnotic Potion

Hypnotic Potion 

To create a pop of contrast, combine complementary tones of yellow-pink Supertunia® Honey and deep purple Supertunia® Royal Velvet® in a basket to adorn a wooden arbor.   

Black Cashmere

Black Cashmere

Create a sophisticated look with Supertunia® Black Cherry® and Supertunia® Latte combined in a hanging basket for a welcoming porch decoration.

Sweet Stars

Sweet Stars

For a dazzling eye-popping effect, plant together this striped star-shaped trio of Supertunia Mini Vista® Pink Star, Supertunia Mini Vista® Violet Star and Supertunia Mini Vista® Sangria.

Garden Gate

Garden Gate

Decorate a rustic garden shed with the sunset tones of Supertunia® Bermuda Beach, Supertunia® Limoncello and Supertunia® Honey.

Main Street USA

Main Street USA

For a patriotic theme, combine Supertunia® Really Red, Supertunia Mini Vista® White and Supertunia® Royal Velvet® to dress up your next Fourth of July party.

Gone With the Wind

Gone With The Wind

Combine Supertunia® Trailing Silver and Supertunia® Bordeaux in a hanging basket for a simple yet elegant look to adorn an outdoor dining area.

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