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26 Fall-blooming Flowers to Grow in Your Autumn Garden

Use these tried-and-true fall flowers to brighten up your landscape with a final burst of color before the season winds down. 

Janet Loughrey

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Winterizing Shrubs and Trees

Preparing your shrubs and trees for winter is easy, as long as you've selected a plant that is hardy in your area, do nothing.  Learn more details and tips in this article.

Stacey Hirvela

It’s as reliable as the leaves changing color: every autumn, dozens of people write us and ask, “how do I winterize my shrubs?” Sometimes they’ll mention a specific

Fall-Blooming Perennials & Grasses that Burst Into Color For Autumn

Gardens can sometimes start to look a bit tired as summer moves into it's final phases and fall arrives.  Utilizing plants that bloom, develop brightly colored fruit or have great foliage color in later summer and fall is a great way to keep your garden looking fresh.

Kerry Meyer, Barb Balgoyen, Stacey Hirvela

The best gardens have plants that add color and interest in all seasons.  Spring and summer are usually pretty simple to fill with color.  It can take a bit more planning to keep the garden looking great late summer into fall and winter.  However, with a bit of careful plant selection your garden can brim with interest in every season. 

Pruning Shrubs, Part 4 - A Plant by Plant Guide

Stacey Hirvela

Here, we’ll put the principles of the why, when, and how to prune in context for specific shrubs.

Pruning Shrubs, Part 2 - When is the Best Time to Prune?

Learn about when to prune your shrubs.  Read Part 1

Pruning Demystified - Download PDF

Stacey Hirvela

Pruning your plant at the proper time is the keystone for success. If you prune a flowering shrub at the wrong time of the year, you will probably miss out on that plant’s blooms for that season. While this isn’t the end of the world and the plant will recover to flower again the following year, it is definitely disappointing.

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