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Summerific® 'Cherry Choco Latte' Rose Mallow Hibiscus hybrid

Flower Season
  • Spring
  • Summer
Mature Size
4' 4' 1.2m 1.2m
Height: 4'
Spread: 4'
Height: 1.2m
Spread: 1.2m
Award Winner
  • Details

    48 - 48 Inches
    48 - 48 Inches
    48 - 48 Inches


    A perfect late summer perennial! Very large 8-9” flowers are white with deep pink veining and a notably large eye. Attractive dark olive green foliage forms a compact airy clump.

    Award Winner
    Long Blooming
    Fall Interest
    Bog Plant
    Native to North America


    Plant Type: 
    Height Category: 
    Garden Height: 
    48 Inches 1.2m
    48 Inches 1.2m
    48 Inches 1.2m
    Flower Colors: 
    Flower Colors: 
    Flower Shade: 
    White with intense pink veining
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Colors: 
    Foliage Shade: 
    Dark olive green
    Container Role: 

    Plant Needs

    Light Requirement: 
    Part Sun to Sun

    The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

    Maintenance Category: 
    Bloom Time: 
    Mid Summer
    Bloom Time: 
    Late Summer
    Hardiness Zones: 
    4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b
    Water Category: 
    Soil Fertility Requirement: 
    Average Soil
    Soil Fertility Requirement: 
    Fertile Soil
    Soil Fertility Requirement: 
    Poor Soil
    Soil PH Category: 
    Acidic Soil
    Border Plant
    Specimen or Focal Point
    Uses Notes: 

    Use in landscapes where it provides a great wow factor.

    Maintenance Notes: 

    Hibiscus love the sun and need moist, well-drained soil. Keeping these plants watered will result in larger flowers and lush foliage. Deadheading will improve the appearance of the plant, but is not necessary for continued bloom. It is best to plant Hibiscus in the garden before the heat of the summer arrives, and should be heavily mulched the first winter. In spring, cut back any remaining stems to 4-6 inches tall before new growth appears. Do not trim back in fall. A strong pair of loppers or a saw will be necessary to cut this plant back. Be advised that Hibiscus is always one of the last perennials to emerge in spring. Be patient, even if you think it is dead, it most likely isn't. Its vigorous growth rate more than makes up for this late start, however. Japanese beetles find these plants especially delicious.

    'Cherry Choco Latte' is a brand new, long blooming Hibiscus with a smaller size that is more suitable for tighter spaces. Very large, 8-9" three-dimensional flowers are white with intense deep pink veining and a notably large red eye. Attractive dark olive green foliage has bronze highlights and forms a compact clump, with flowers covering the entire habit later in the season. 'Cherry Choco Latte' replaces 'Cherry Cheesecake' in the Proven Winners® lineup with larger flowers and improved flower form, more pronounced veining on the petals, darker foliage, and an improved, compact habit.

    Summerific® 'Cherry Choco Latte' Hibiscus hybrid USPP 30,738, Can PBRAF
  • 7 Reviews

    Browse reviews from people who have grown this plant.
    • I purchased 4 of the Cherry Coco Latte Hardy Hibiscus in Oct, 2023 and planted them upon receipt, It’s now May of 2024 and only one of the four plants has come up. I dug through the mulch and can’t find any evidence of plants or root systems. It’s possible I’m jumping the gun with this review and if my plants come up I’ll change it, With one PW plant 8 inches high and the other 3 nowhere to be found at the end of the first week of May, I’m disappointed. I also have other hardy hibiscus that are up and leafing out. I reached out to PW customer service and was told that hardy hibiscus come up late which I understand. The PW customer service rep was very clear in her email that I wouldn't be offered a replacement as she said I didn’t complain when I received them. I’m a very experienced grower and I haven’t had a 75% failure rate on anything but these ‘hardy’ hibiscus. Right now they don’t appear very hardy. Also not what I expected from Proven Winners’ customer service. If I’d purchased this same PW plant through a big box store I would have been covered. Something about that just doesn’t seem right. Lesson learned.

      Tami Hechtel
      , South Carolina
      , United States
      , 6 days ago
    • A tree fell off the side of the huge deodar cedar and smashed my first year hibiscus to the ground. Then the clean-up crew tramped it further into submissions. Nevertheless, it came back and bloomed like a champ. I have 3 PW hibiscus in the front street garden to suit all tastes. People stand and soak them in. The most common comment is that "they don't look real". The blooms last one day but during the warm summer days they are never out of blooms. I like that they go dormmate. In cooler weather I have a chance to plant winter hardy annuals in zone 9b. I don't like to spray because it kills both good and bad bugs. Nothing bothers this plant. People are impress with my great gardening skill........this plant requires none.

      , California
      , United States
      , 3 years ago
    • I received this plant for my Bday this spring. I have many hardy hibiscus shrubs but they do not compare to this one! It bloomed the first part of July rather than late July like all of my others and the flowers are HUGE! It is hands down, the most beautiful Hibiscus in my yard. I highly recommend this plant... you will not be disappointed! 10 out of 5 stars!

      Lisa Long
      , Missouri
      , United States
      , 3 years ago
    • Wow, these Cherry Choco Latte blooms are HUGE! What a show! They just started blooming here in the southeastern Michigan on July 21. I bought the gallon size and they were planted in late May I think. Although I did nothing for them (no watering or fertilizer) it rained a lot so they grew faster than expected, about 3 1/2 feet already with many buds. Highly recommend. Bought them to partially block the ugly chain link fence without being too much taller than the fence.

      , Michigan
      , United States
      , 4 years ago
  • 1 Award

    Award Year Award Plant Trial
    2019 Top Performer Colorado State University
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