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Digital Advertising Opportunities

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Reach New Customers Online with Digital Advertising

Have you ever wondered how ads for some of your favorite brands and products show up on the websites, videos and other online pages you visit online? That’s the magic of targeted digital advertising. The opportunities and potential for reaching new and existing customers this way is immense.

When you enroll in Connect+ at the Enhanced or Elite level, you will receive a digital ad campaign through the Google Display Ad Network. This network allows your ads to find their way in front of potential customers that have shown an interest in Proven Winners plants in your local area in the last 30 days. These people will be shown a click-through ad for your garden center. The campaign is designed to put your garden center’s name in front of the people you want to walk through your store’s front door rather than bringing them to


Several different ad designs are available and will only feature the Proven Winners plants and products your garden center carries. The specific ads for your store will be based on the information you’ve provided us on your Connect+ account.


Enhanced Level Benefit: Two week digital ad campaign

Elite Level Benefit: Four week digital ad campaign


How to Obtain this Asset:

When you enroll in Connect+, you will share your company logo with us and verify which Proven Winners product categories you offer. At that time, you will also choose the dates you wish for your digital advertisements to run. That’s it!

We will take care of creating the ad, targeting its placement to your audience, placing the ad and measuring its performance. At the end of the season, your retail solutions manager will provide you with a report that includes a picture of your ad and the metrics so you can see its effectiveness.

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