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23 Colorful Supertunias for Your Garden

Supertunia petunias are some of the most versatile plants you can find. They are fantastic landscape varieties and look awesome when planted in a monochrome swath of color or when several colors are mixed. They also perform beautifully in patio planters, hanging baskets, window boxes, raised beds…actually, in any spot that gets at least four hours of sun a day. Six or more hours of sun a day helps maximize their flower power. If you live in a more northern climate, several hours of afternoon sun is the key to getting the best possible flower show.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

Supertunia Mini Vista® Indigo

University of Minnesota, Morris

Supertunia Vista® Snowdrift

University of Minnesota, Morris

Supertunia Mini Vista® Hot Pink

Family Tree Nursery, Kansas City


You can easily mix several colors of Supertunias in a pot to create a vibrant mix of colors, and they also combine well with other vigorous plants in container recipes. Take a peek at this list of nearly 500 container recipes that include one or more Supertunia varieties—each recipe would be beautiful on a patio, front porch, or another sunny spot that needs a pop of color. The recipes include some ideas that use Supertunias only and others that involve a wide array of different plants along with Supertunias.


We do have several types of Supertunias in our collection. While they are all great plants, choosing the right Supertunia for your needs is important. If you have large containers or want to fill a lot of space in your landscape, our Supertunia Vista varieties are perfect. If you are combining them with other plants, choose vigorous, fast growing plants like Silver Bullet® Artemesia and Sweet Caroline sweet potato vines as companions. Supertunia Mini Vista® varieties are smaller versions of the Vistas. They have medium vigor, are great in any size container, and are perfect for the front of garden beds. They will mix well with Superbells® calibrachoa and Superbena® verbena in container recipes. This article has the full run down on all of the different types of Supertunias.


If you’ve never grown Supertunias before, you are in for a treat. These flower factories don’t need deadheading to provide color all summer long, and they will continue to pump out blooms until a hard frost arrives in late fall. Until then, water when needed and be sure to use a controlled-release fertilizer on landscape beds and pots when you first plant. Then, six weeks to two months later, start using a water-soluble fertilizer on your containers. This extra nutrition will give your Supertunias the boost of energy they need to thrive once the dog days of summer hit. Succeeding with Supertunia Petunias has all of the details on how to grow the best possible Supertunias in your garden.


If you aren’t sure how to start your Supertunia adventure, this rainbow of colors will get your garden filled to the brim with joy.


Supertunia® Blue Veined

Supertunia® Latte

Supertunia® Honey

Supertunia® Bordeaux
Supertunia® Bermuda Beach®
Supertunia® Raspberry Rush

Supertunia® Royal Magenta®

Supertunia® Black Cherry®
Supertunia® Royal Velvet®


Supertunia Vista®

Supertunia Vista
® Snowdrift

Supertunia Vista®

Supertunia Vista® Bubblegum®

Supertunia Vista®

Supertunia Vista®


Supertunia Mini Vista®

Supertunia Mini Vista® White

Supertunia Mini Vista®
Pink Star

Supertunia Mini Vista®

Supertunia Mini Vista®
Violet Star

Supertunia Mini Vista®


Supertunia® Double

Supertunia® Sharon


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