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6 No-Prune Shrubs for Landscapes

No-fuss landscaping is in high demand and Proven Winners is meeting it by introducing low maintenance shrubs that require no pruning to achieve a naturally refined, compact habit. When you grow these varieties, there’s no need to worry about pruning at the wrong time or the wrong way. See how we’re making landscaping easier for everyone with these six no-prune shrubs for landscapes.

SUNJOY® Todo Berberis

A noninvasive, dwarf barberry! You’ll love it for its purple foliage and small, compact habit, but its lack of seedlings really sets it apart. Sunjoy Todo® Mini Salsa offers several improvements over other varieties, as it is semi-evergreen in many places offering year-round color. No pruning is needed to maintain its tidy 1.5-2’ round shape. Grow this low maintenance shrub in full sun in zones 6-8 as a short hedge or foundation planting.

SHOW OFF® Starlet Forsythia

When standard forsythia varieties are too big for the space but you desire a bright pop of yellow in early spring, plant Show Off® Starlet instead. This 2-3’ tall, refined selection creates a mass of bright yellow flowers which line the stems from base to tip every spring. It won’t sprout unruly, long stems like the older varieties and rarely, if ever, requires pruning. Maturing to just under waist-high, it’s easy to find the perfect place for Show Off® Starlet in every sunny garden in zones 5-8.


If you’ve grown Wine & Roses® for years but need something a bit shorter for an under-window foundation planting or a lower growing mass planting, it’s time to try Spilled Wine® weigela. Maturing to about half the height at 2-3’ tall with a similar spread, it creates a mass of deep purple foliage dotted with hot magenta pink flowers in spring. Good heat tolerance, resistance to deer browsing, and tolerance of full sun in zones 4-8 make this shrub a top choice for low maintenance landscapes.

DOUBLE PLAY® Gold Spiraea

New spireas like Double Play® Gold are easy to grow and enjoy in the landscape because they are designed to be naturally compact without the need for shaping. They are commonly used in mass plantings, foundation plantings, and even as short hedges by gardeners who are looking for low maintenance shrubs for sun or part shade in zones 3-8. Deer tend to stay clear but hummingbirds enjoy their vibrant blooms. See all eight colors in the Double Play® series here.


A stronger resistance to winter burn, deep green winter color, and a naturally dense, pyramidal shape makes this evergreen arborvitae ideal for no-prune hedges and screens. A matching pair flanking your grand front entrance will give the space a more formal look. As its name suggests, North Pole® is super hardy in zones 3-7, growing 10-15’ tall but just 3-5’ wide in full sun to part sun.

SUGAR TIP® Hibiscus

This semi-dwarf, seedless rose of Sharon is easy to grow in full sun in zones 5-9 with very little maintenance required. Maturing to 5-6’ tall, its upright stems are lined with beautifully variegated creamy white and blue-green leaves. Though it can be kept shorter if desired, it requires no pruning and won’t reach the 8-12’ heights of standard varieties. Soft pink, double flowers are produced prolifically in summer and don’t set seed, so there won’t be any nuisance seedlings to worry about.

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