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Succeeding with Supertunias - How to Keep Petunias Blooming


Above: Supertunia® performance in hanging baskets, containers and in the landscape.


Supertunia petunias are the most popular annual flowers we sell and have been for decades. Why do people keep planting Supertunias? It might be because they bloom prolifically from spring into fall without quitting or needing to be deadheaded. Maybe it's because their broad color palette makes it easy to find one that matches your look. Maybe it's because people enjoy watching butterflies and hummingbirds come to Supertunias for an afternoon snack. Or maybe it's because they are so versatile in containers, hanging baskets and landscapes. 

Want to grow amazing Supertunia petunias like these? Follow these tips to keep your petunias blooming all summer.

1. Petunias grow and bloom best in sun.

  • If you have at least 6 hours of direct sun per day, you can grow Supertunias. More than 6 hours is even better. 
  • Sun is what generates energy in plants, so the more sun they get, the stronger the plants will grow and the more flowers they will produce. 
  • If your Supertunias look healthy but aren't growing very fast or have few flowers, move them to a sunnier location. 

2. Petunias thrive with consistent moisture.

  • Water is the lifeblood of plants. It needs to stream up from their roots and evaporate out through their leaves in a continuous flow.
  • When a plant wilts, that flow of water stops and the plants quit growing and blooming until it resumes. Avoid stalling out your plants' growth by providing consistent moisture.
  • Depending on your climate and the time of year, your Supertunias may dry out quickly. It's time to water when the pot feels light and/or the soil feels dry to the touch when you stick your finger down into it about an inch. 
  • Supertunia petunias respond very well to a drip watering system like WaterWise®. When set to a timer, it can automatically water your plants on a set schedule, providing the consistency that makes them thrive. 

3. Petunias are hungry flowers. Feed them often.

  • While the sun gives plants energy, the minerals and nutrients in plant food give the plants what they need to grow new leaves and flowers. If your petunias are growing in full sun but have stopped blooming well, they are probably hungry.
  • Petunias are like hungry teenagers. They like to be fed often. We recommend feeding them with our premium water soluble plant food every third time you water. Why do we call it "premium"? Because it contains EDDHA Iron and minor nutrients which keep the foliage green, full and healthy all season.
  • In addition to the water soluble plant food, we recommend incorporating our premium continuous release plant food, which comes in a pellet form, into the soil around your Supertunias when you plant them in spring. The special coating on the pellets is designed to release more food during warmer months when your plants are growing the fastest.  

4. Petunias enjoy a haircut now and then.

  • You know how a fresh haircut gives us a little pep in our step? The same goes for petunias. 
  • By midsummer, say after your July Fourth party, it's time to give your Supertunias a little trim to rejuvenate the plants heading into the heat of summer. Follow the general rule of not cutting off more than 20% of the plant and you can't go wrong. 
  • If some stems have grown longer than others, trim them up to bring them in line with the others near the bottom of the pot or basket. If you're growing them in the ground, cut back the ends of the branches by 20% to encourage them to branch out with new growth. 
  • Trimming the ends of the stems will cause your petunias to be out of bloom for a few days, but you'll be surprised how quickly they bounce back and look better than ever.
  • Repeat this trimming process in late summer or early fall to keep your Supertunias blooming well into the fall months. 

Why do my petunias stop blooming?

If your petunia plants have stopped flowering, it's likely they aren't happy. Make sure they are getting enough sun, water and fertilizer. You can also give them a trim to stimulate new growth and flowers.

How long do petunias bloom?

As long as you properly care for your petunias they'll bloom from planting to hard frost. In very cold areas, their growing season may only be 12 weeks, but in warmer areas, they can last two or three times as long.

Learn more about petunia care in this in-depth guide. 

Get Creative with Petunias

Supertunia petunias are available in a wide range of colors. Choose your favorites to compliment your outdoor decor or express garden style. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Supertunia® Latte ideas

Supertunia® Bordeaux ideas

Supertunia® Honey ideas

Supertunia® Black Cherry® ideas

Supertunia Vista® ideas

Supertunia® Royal Velvet® ideas

Looking for more ideas? 


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