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This festive flowering shrub blooms nonstop for months, adding long-lasting color to the landscape.

Gomphrena plant blooms continuously from early summer to frost, adding long-lasting color to the landscape.

With fancy foliage and long-blooming flowers, begonias add nonstop color to outdoor landscapes and home interiors.

Grow this exotic-looking tropical plant with eye-catching foliage indoors as a houseplant or outdoors during warmer weather.

Red twig dogwoods are easy-care deciduous shrubs that contribute color to the landscape in all four seasons.

This widely grown fruit tree is also a popular ornamental houseplant, occurring in a range of colors, shapes and sizes.

Have you ever noticed how color can impact your mood? Whether you have a favorite color in mind, or want to combine them all for a kaleidoscope of blooms, use these ideas to help pick the perfect palette for your garden.

Coneflower is an easy-to-grow perennial with long-lasting daisy-like flowers that attract beneficial pollinators and songbirds.

Bloomerang Dark Purple lilac

Lilac is one of the most beloved spring-blooming shrubs, valued for its hardiness, reliability, carefree nature and intoxicating fragrance

Catmint is a carefree, easy-to-grow plant with an extra-long bloom time that deserves a spot in any landscape.

Showing 11 - 20 of 40.
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