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Finding the Right Plant Articles

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Selecting plants for your garden goes far beyond picking out pretty blooms.

How to grow vibrant and versatile Heart to Heart Caladiums 

Arm yourself with your test results from your soil type test and now  your drainage behavior test. There are only a few elements to go before we have everything you need for the best garden in the neighborhood. 

Proper land stewardship starts with research. Given the importance and rising awareness of climate resilient gardening, we are working on building a wealth of knowledge on the topic on our website. Start here on your learning journey and remember to check back often as we expand this resource.

Oso Easy Pleasy rose in full bloom in the landscape

When creating a colorful garden, perennials and shrubs are often the mainstays that anchor the garden. The plants featured in this article are our longest blooming, stalwart plants. Their blooms will reliably grace your garden. Read on to learn more about these gorgeous plants.

See which Proven Winners plants are great at drawing butterflies into your garden.

AquaPots® Smooth White Flat Rim Round  and Tall Canna White Tall

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the tips you’ll need to know about growing petunias, calibrachoa and verbena in your containers and landscape all in one convenient place. Check it out, then bookmark the page for future reference.

Pick your perfect houseplant

Houseplants, like people, have unique personalities and needs. Some are easy-going and can live anywhere. Some thrive on a schedule. Others are stubborn and dramatic when they don’t get their way or their water.

leafjoy® by Proven Winners understands that plants flourish when adopted by plant parents whose personalities and attentiveness align with their needs.   

Coneflower is an easy-to-grow perennial with long-lasting daisy-like flowers that attract beneficial pollinators and songbirds.

Is there a low spot in your yard where water tends to pool for a day or more after a big rain? We’ll share a number of solutions that will help prevent flooding, redirect runoff or soak up the excess in this helpful article.

Showing 1 - 10 of 120.
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