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How to grow vibrant and versatile Heart to Heart Caladiums 

The first step is understanding the existing lighting conditions in each season.

Arm yourself with your test results from your soil type test and now  your drainage behavior test. There are only a few elements to go before we have everything you need for the best garden in the neighborhood. 

We understand and share your concern about the health of the bees which pollinate our crops and support our environment. The health of bees is critical to us all, and Proven Winners needs pollinators as much as anyone. With the help of our industry leaders, we are actively working to support, report, and react to the science-based information about bees and possible declines in bee populations. 

See which Proven Winners plants are great at drawing butterflies into your garden.

Even if you are living someplace temporarily, you can still grow all sorts of gardens. We'll show you how with this list of ideas.

Looking for ideas on how to style your front porch this season? Find 15 different examples of how we’ve used Proven Winners plants to decorate porches and front landscapes in this inspirational resource.

Our “Super” plants – Supertunia® Petunias, Superbells® Calibrachoa and Superbena® Verbenas are our three of our biggest and best plant categories. These plants have a wide range of colors and work well when grown together and when mixed with a wide variety of other plants. You can plant the rainbow using just these plants. We have hundreds of recipes that showcase at least one our Supers in the recipe. It is not at all uncommon to have mixed planters that feature more than one “Super” in the recipe. These three groups are, in a way, the foundation for many of our recipes.

AquaPots® Smooth White Flat Rim Round  and Tall Canna White Tall

In this article, we’ve gathered all of the tips you’ll need to know about growing petunias, calibrachoa and verbena in your containers and landscape all in one convenient place. Check it out, then bookmark the page for future reference.

Looking to add more native plants that will help support the birds who call your garden home? This is a great place to start.

Showing 1 - 10 of 127.
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