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Pastel Mix

Combinations using this color scheme:

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stitchin211@gma... Fri, 05/10/2019 - 11:16pm

I kept waiting to see red included in your baskets but none were seen. Just because Laura (Garden Answer) doesn't care for reds in her garden will not keep me from wanting to see those colors at my house!
You created the Suiertunias but I have spent days searching at nearby nurseries as I try to find Supertunias but they aren't found! Many say all petunias eventially trail but I want your Supertunias but buying online isn't OK costwise. At $7.99+ shipping + tax is prohibitive, especially when I'd start with several flats of each color.
I'll find out about Wave petunias even though I had no interest in those!
What nurseries have Supertunias in Pottstown, PA area? I must locate them!

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