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Lighted Garden Hanging Planter System Burgundy Bronze

SKU: LG1000bbc
Weight: 9 lb.

Did you know all Proven Winners® Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens are iridescent under a halogen light? Yes, they are! Show them off and create ambience anywhere you want around your landscape with Lighted Garden Planters™. Each Planter is a low-voltage, landscape light fixture that includes AUTOMATIC WATERING capability. Tap into existing sprinkler system or attach to separate garden hose and hose timer to automate.
Each Lighted Garden Planter includes: Hanger Fixture, 16” Resin Wicker Basket & Liner, 50 ft. of ¼” Tubing & fittings, (1) 20 Watt Bi-Pin XELOGEN Lamp, (2) Silicone Filled wire nuts, (1) Adjustable Emitter & (1) Sprinkler System Adapter. 10 Year Warranty.

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