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10 Low-Cost DIY Garden Projects

When spring planting is done or after the garden is put to bed in the fall, gardeners often have a bit of extra time on their hands. Fall and Winter are the perfect time to consider non-plant garden projects. These 10 ideas range from quick and simple to “get out the power tools.” We hope they’ll inspire you to create something new.


Terracotta Makeover

Terracotta is an affordable mainstay for most gardeners, but let’s face it, they aren’t the most exciting pots to look at. This project has easy ways to add interesting color and pattern to your basic pots.


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Create Your Own Pumpkin Vase


This fall project turns pumpkins into vases perfect for showcasing fall foliage and flowers. It’s fun, affordable and flexible.


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Garden Tool Basket


This is an easy project many of us will find valuable. Once you have your materials, this is a 10-minute project that will allow you to carry plants and plant food and still easily find your pruning shears. 


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Leaf Print Napkins


This project uses fall leaves and paint to create gorgeous napkins perfect for your Thanksgiving table. I see no reason you couldn’t use fresh leaves in spring or summer too…


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Upcycled Crate Planter Table


This project is a little more involved, you will need power tools. However, turning the wooden crates into a unique table all your own will be well worth the effort.


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Terracotta Planter Wall


This is another project that is more involved, but the payoff for your hard work is well worth the effort. The wall is a great way to showcase plants, which can easily be changed out to fit the season.


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Hanging Frame Planter


This is the perfect way to highlight a special plant. You will need power tools, but the project isn’t very complicated. You’ll have your masterpiece ready in no time.


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Corner Planter

If you are like me, you’re always looking for another spot to tuck a plant. This corner planter will allow you to add plants to spots that would otherwise be wasted space.


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Floral Paperweights

This fun floral craft project is the perfect way to handcraft small gifts for your friends and family. It is also a great way to bring back your summer garden in miniature.



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Build a Privacy Screen

How often have you seen old wooden doors with great character, but had no way to use them. This project will reimagine their use and give you inspiration to add that great character in your home too.


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