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Superstar Container Combinations

Our “Super” plants – Supertunia® Petunias, Superbells® Calibrachoa and Superbena® Verbenas are our three of our biggest and best plant categories. These plants have a wide range of colors and work well when grown together and when mixed with a wide variety of other plants. You can plant the rainbow using just these plants. We have hundreds of recipes that showcase at least one our Supers in the recipe. It is not at all uncommon to have mixed planters that feature more than one “Super” in the recipe. These three groups are, in a way, the foundation for many of our recipes.

Contributors: Kerry Meyer

Supertunia® Container Garden Ideas

Supertunias are the quintessential container garden plant. They are vigorous, easy to grow, have large colorful flowers and unlike many other petunias do not need to be deadheaded to flower profusely for months on end. They will perform their best when fed regularly and need little maintenance other than a quick clip to tidy up if the plants begin to look a bit frazzled. Supertunias are both trailing and mounded, so they will give your container a bit of height on the top of the pot, but will also trail over the edge and trail nicely.


Misty Seas


Sweet Stars

Prime Time

Vanilla Cone





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Supertunia Recipes



Superbells® Container Garden Ideas

Superbells are often the belle of the ball. Their petite flowers come in wide range of colors, including gorgeous, saturated yellows. Superbells don’t like soils that stay wet so make sure that the top inch of the soil dries before watering and that your containers have drainage holes.  Superbells, Supertunia and Superbena will all grow superbly when mixed in together. If you keep the Superbells roots happy, Superbells and Superbena will also be happy as clams as well.

Rio de Janeiro

Rumor Has It 




Summer Punch

Twilight Fog


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Superbells Recipes


Superbena Container Garden Ideas

Superbena may not be as well-known as Superbells and Supertunia, but they are critical for adding a different flower shape and texture to container recipes. The multiple tiny flowers that make up each flower umbel lend a lacy effect to the mix. Gorgeous purples, pinks, reds, salmon and white are the perfect complement to Supertunia and Superbells. These are vigorous, colorful plants  that are sure to please.

 Without A Blush

Perfect Rhythm

American Rhythm


 Young Love


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