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Certified - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete certification?

The certification video is approximately 45 minutes long. Following the video, most people can complete the accompanying test in 20 minutes or less. We recommend employees print a copy of the test before watching the video.

Can all of the employees certify at once?

To expedite certification, companies with a location suitable for the entire staff to view the video and immediately take the test often opt to download the group training package. To simplify the training process, one group answer sheet may be competed by each location in lieu of each employee completing their own answer sheet. Employees may also view the training video and take the test online from home from February 1 to May 1. Fax the completed answer sheet(s) to us at 815-895-1873. Regardless of the method chosen, your garden center is not considered to be Proven Winners Certified until all of the employees that are registered for the training have completed and submitted their tests.

Can I add or delete employees after the initial signup?

You may add or delete as many employees as you like by simply returning to your manager’s registration page. If you’d like to certify additional employees after your garden center has completed the certification process, please contact us at 815-895-0104.

What about temporary, part-time, and seasonal employees?

All employees are eligible for certification. Proven Winners encourages you to train as many employees as possible, especially those who will have face-to-face contact with your customers. However, you do not need to certify all of your employees to qualify as a Proven Winners Certified Garden Center.

How often must we certify to retain certified status?

Annual certification is required to maintain your certified status.

When will I receive my rewards?

After all of your business' certification tests have been submitted, your chosen rewards will be shipped. If you elect to receive the credit for POP, it will be applied to your manager’s account following the submission of the certification tests.

How do I get reimbursed for the pizza party?

Upon completing certification, you will be assigned a voucher code in your Certification Complete email. Follow the instructions on the pizza rebate form to submit your pizza receipt for reimbursement.  Your voucher code expires 45 days after your certification complete date. All pizza reciepts must be submittied by July 26, 2024. Note: We will reimburse up to $8.50 per certified employee.

Rather than being reimbursed for your pizza party, you'll have the option to donate the funds we have allocated for your pizza party to help stamp out hunger in the U.S. and Canada instead. Donated funds will be accumulated throughout the Certification Program with a donation made by Proven Winners. In the U.S. we have selected Feeding America and in Canada we have selected Food Banks Canada.





How long does it take for my garden center’s listing to appear on the Proven Winners
website after all of our tests have been submitted?

Listings will occur when the number of tests submitted by your company matches the number of employees registered for the test. This match triggers the listing. If staff training has been completed and fewer employees than anticipated have completed the test, simply return to your manager’s registration page and make sure the number of employees registered to certify actually matches the number who submitted their tests. You may do this by simply deleting unused test keys. This reconciliation will trigger your listing. Feel free to call our office if you have trouble at 815-895-0104.

Does the certification program cover new perennials and shrubs as well as new annuals and houseplants?

Yes! The certification program covers all plant categories and will provide relevant knowledge for your employees and customers all season long.

By what date must our garden center complete certification in order to become a Proven Winners® Certified Garden Center?

We strongly recommend your employees certify by May 1st in order to take full advantage of the program during the spring season. Those who finish certification after May1st will not be eligible for the free rewards or the free pizza party.

Will my staff find the training useful?

Recent surveys from 2000+ employees indicate that 98% of those who took the training said they would take it again if offered, and 98% said they would recommend the training to a co-worker.


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