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Three Steps to Success

Help your customers be successful by offering merchandise that makes it easier to grow healthy, strong, beautiful Proven Winners plants. Our soil, plant food, and WaterWise kits give customers three steps to success and give retailers an opportunity for strong cross-selling opportunities. Use the brand recognition of Proven Winners to sell more of the hard goods consumers need to be successful gardeners.

• 1.5 cu. ft.
• 75 bags per pallet
• 16 qt.
• 120 bags per pallet

Proven Winners Premium Potting Soil

Consumers trust the Proven Winners name, and offering premium potting soil that matches the brand promise gives them a choice they can feel confident about. Our premium potting soil is made of grower-grade peat moss, composted bark, perlite, Dolomite Lime to buffer soil pH, and a professional wetting agent.

• 2.5 lb.
• 12 per case
• 90 cases per pallet
• 2 oz..
• 200 per case
• 2.5 lb.
• 12 per case
• 42 cases per pallet

Proven Winners Plant Food

Our premium plant food formulations provide the additional nitrogen and micronutrients Proven Winners varieties need to maximize their rates of growth and flower production. You can recommend them with confidence to your customers.


WaterWise Kit
Waters up to 10 containers at once
Tan Tubing - 100' Roll
White Tubing - 100' Roll

WaterWise® Kit

Gardeners are always looking for an easy, efficient solution for the labor-intensive task of watering. WaterWise is that solution. This special kit contains everything a gardener needs to water up to 10 potted plants from a single faucet. The system also allows the user to combine up to 3 kits in a single direction to run up to 90 feet and water 30 containers at once.

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