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20 White and Silver Plants Perfect for Creating Moon Gardens


Gardens can be magical at any time of day, but there is something especially magical about gardens as dusk falls, the edges blur and reality recedes the tiniest bit. Isn’t that the time when it’s easiest to believe in fairies, magic and another dimension just beyond our senses? For many of us, first thing in the morning and late in the day is when we most often have time to spend in our gardens. As the light dims, the colors of the rainbow start to recede. However, as the moon rises, white flowers and silver foliage take central stage, seeming to glow with otherworldly light. If you haven’t considered the joys of a white garden before, now might be the perfect time to add some white to your garden or even transform a portion of your garden into an all-white and silver moon garden.

Diamond Snow® and Diamond Frost® Euphorbia

Diamond Snow and Diamond Frost are perfect to kick off our list of white plants. These plants are as close to indestructible as you can get with a living plant. They love heat, don't mind some drought stress, bloom non-stop, don’t need to be deadheaded and will grow merrily all season with on application of controlled release plant food. Diamond Snow has double flowers (they’re actually bracts, but we all call them flowers), a dense habit and creates a chunk of color when planted in combination recipes. Diamond Frost is a champion weaver and mingler, mixing in with the other components to create a wonderful combination of textures and colors.
Best in Part Sun to Sun, but can tolerate shade. 12-18” tall. Annual.


Diamond Mountain® Euphorbia

If you love the look of Diamond Frost but would like a large plant that can hold its own in the landscape, Diamond Mountain is the perfect plant to use. Diamond Mountain is a super-sized version of Diamond Frost, often twice the size of Diamond Frost. This extra size lends great presence for landscape plantings.
Best in Part Sun to Sun, but can tolerate shade. 24-36” tall. Annual.


Superbells® TableTop White Calibrachoa

When we are choosing plants for Proven Winners the most important criteria was have is that the plant bloom well through the summer for home gardeners. This often means that our plants are quite vigorous. I love big plants that fill a lot of space, but sometimes you need a well-behaved plant that can sit on your patio table, bloom like crazy all summer and stay small enough to have dinner with your family around that table. Our brand new Superbells Tabeltop Calibrachoa are the perfect plants for any sunny spot where space is limited. The best part?  It blooms like crazy all summer long, just as our regular Superbells do.

Part Sun to Sun. 4-8”tall.  Up to 16”wide. Annual.


Bright Lights White Osteospermum
These vanilla colored daisy flowers are the classic flower shape and will be at home in all kinds of garden styles. The densely branched plants have good cold tolerance so they can be planted relatively easy in spring and will last until a very hard front in the Fall. One of their best features is improved heat tolerance which will allow them to bloom through the summer in most climates. In mild winter climates, they are a good choice for winter flower color.

Part Sun to Sun. 8-12” Tall. Annual.


Supertunia Vista® Snowdrift Petunia

Perhaps the easiest way to fill a bed with white is to plant a few Supertunia Vista Snowdrift plants and let them run rampant. These vigorous, tough, easy-to-grow plants are as close to a slam dunk as you can get with a plant. A single plant covers several feet of space, adds height and will overrun smaller plants if you don’t give it enough elbow room. The extreme vigor, intense flower coverage and fantastic garden performance is what makes a Supertunia Vistas the petunias anywhere.
Part Sun to Sun. 12-24” Tall. Annual.


Snowstorm® Snow Globe® Sutera

While Snowstorm Snow Globe can be grown in the ground, it is best suited for containers. The large flowers and globe shaped habit of this bacopa makes it perfect for hanging baskets and wonderful in patio planters. It is a wonderful plant for mixing in combination planters, whether it’s spilling over the edge in an all-white basket recipe or as a component in a colorful mixed patio planter recipe. They perform best if the soil remains moist. Drought stress can cause flower and bud drop.

Best in Part Sun to Sun. 4-10” Tall. Annual.


Proven Accents® Silver Bullet® Artemesia

It isn’t just white flowers that seem to glow in low light, silver does much the same thing. Silver Bullet is a very vigorous annual groundcover and the perfect component to mix with other vigorous plants like our Supertunia Vistas. The fuzzy foliage adds an extra dimension of interest – it’s very touchable. Use it to fill space and to create contrast and texture with otherwise all white plantings.

Full Sun. 6-10” Tall. Annual.



‘Firefly Diamond’ Achillea

Fireflies, or whatever you call the insects that light up the night, are a sure sign of warm summer weather. Firefly Diamond yarrow will also light up your summer garden. These plants differ from other yarrow due to their taller nature without compromising beautiful habits and sturdiness. Diamond features ivory white flowers that contrast beautifully with its dark green foliage. The habit is nicely upright, and the flowers remain attractive as they age.

Full Sun. 24-28” Tall.  Perennial in Zones 3-8.


‘Queen of Hearts’ Brunnera

This stunning foliage perennial will be the queen of the shade (and your heart). Compared to its companion plant ‘Jack of Diamonds’, ‘Queen of Hearts’ has more heart-shaped leaves and more pronounced silver overlay with narrower bands of dark green veining. From mid to late spring, baby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms are held in clusters above the foliage.

Part to Full Shade. 16-18” Tall. Perennial in Zones 3-8 



‘Jack of Diamonds’ Brunnera

This shade perennial can best be described as a giant version of the classic ‘Jack Frost’—with a twist. The huge 9-10” leaves overlap dramatically at the base giving it a shape similar to the snail delicacy escargot. Overall, the foliage is circular from a distance. The leaves have a heavy silver overlay with vivid wide, dark green veining pattern. From mid to late spring, baby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms are held in clusters above the foliage.

Part to Full Shade. 14-16” Tall. Perennial in zones 3-8.


‘Chantilly Lace’ Aruncus

‘Chantilly Lace’ is a part shade-loving plant that produces beautiful sprays of lacy, cream-colored flowers in late spring to early summer. It is very floriferous when it’s in bloom, completely covering the deep green foliage. Goatsbeard is similar in appearance to Astilbe in the garden, but it is more drought tolerant. This lovely, graceful plant would be a great component in your moon garden.

Sun or Shade. 30-32: Tall. Perennial in Zones 3-7.


‘White Profusion’ Salvia

The claim to fame for ‘White Profusion’ is its’ fantastic rebloom throughout the summer. ‘White Profusion,’ just like the other Profusions, will reflush with flowers if sheered back, and will keep flushing with new flowers as long as keep trimming it back. It has a full, round habit that’s unbothered by deer and rabbits which makes it a perfect choice for the early summer garden and then on into Fall. Like most Salvia, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love it and deer don’t find it particularly tasty.

Full Sun. 16-20” Tall. Hardy in Zones 3-8.



Amazing Daisies® Daisy May® Leucanthumum

This classic daisy truly is an amazing daisy. The deep green foliage shows off the pure white flowers to great effect. The dense branching and plentiful side buds leads to dozens of flowers – so many you almost can’t see foliage. The large flowers are snowy white and will often continue all summer long if you deadhead regularly. Bees and butterflies will thank you for including it in your garden.

Full Sun. 12-24” Tall. Hardy in Zones 5-9.


‘Opening Act White’ Phlox

Tall Garden Phlox are a mainstay in the midsummer sun garden, and this new hybrid Phlox will bloom even earlier, opening the Phlox season in earlier in the summer. It boasts a long season of color in addition to being early blooming, with pure white flowers typically appearing from early summer well into midsummer, with some sporadic rebloom into early fall. The dark green, glossy foliage is mildew and disease resistant, an improvement on older varieties of Phlox that don’t hold up as well in the heat and humidity of summer.

Full Sun. 18-20” Tall. Hardy in Zones 4-8


Summerific® ‘Ballet Slippers’ Hibiscus

This new hardy perennial has huge 7” wide, ruffled flowers that are white with a deep red eye. The petals are edged with blush pink. The heavily overlapping petals, reates a pinwheel effect on the flowers. Attractive, healthy leaves are bright green with slightly serrated edges, a polished, upright habit and extremely high bud count with good axillary branching. These traits ensure that this Hibiscus will have a longer season of color, from late summer through early fall. Flowers are produced from the top to the bottom of the plant, rather than just at the top like some other cultivars. ‘Ballet Slippers’ is the perfect backdrop or centerpiece for sunny borders.

Part Sun to Sun. 4’ Tall. Hardy in Zones 4-9


Illuminati Tower Philadelphus

Mockorange is a delightfully old-fashioned plant that has unfortunately fallen out of favor, mostly due to its enormous size. Illuminati Tower mockorange stands to breathe new life into this classic favorite, though, combining a landscape-friendly size with a totally unique space-saving habit. It naturally grows in a very narrow, upright way, each sturdy stem a stack of rugged, deep green leaves that looks like a four-sided tower. In late spring/early summer, hundreds of fragrant white flowers emerge from between the leaves for striking show that truly celebrates the season. Very fragrant white flowers bloom in late spring and early summer, wafting sweet fragrance that carries on the warm breezes.
Part Sun to Sun. 3-4’ Tall. Hardy in Zones 4-7.



Incrediball® Hydrangea arborescens

Incrediball hydrangea will make you say WOW - it's an improved version of the garden classic 'Annabelle' hydrangea, but with strong, sturdy stems that don't flop over and extra-large blooms to boot. White flowers begin to appear in mid-summer and open to enormous snowballs, nearly the size of basketballs! They then age to a lush jade green, which persists through frost. It's a super easy, super reliable North American native that grows in chilly USDA zone 3 all the way up to USDA zone 8/9. Plant Incrediball hydrangea in your landscape and find out for yourself just how big, beautiful, and rewarding it can be.
Part Sun to Sun. 4-5’ Tall. Hardy in Zones 3-8


Sonic Bloom® Pearl Weigela

Sonic Bloom® Pearl is a humdinger of a weigela!  Sonic Bloom plants have the strongest reblooming seen on weigela, blooming in May and reblooming until frost. The flowers open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink, giving you multiple colors on a single plant  The flowers really pop against the bright green foliage. Hummingbirds are drawn to it as a nectar source and fortunately deer don’t find it to be particularly tasty.

Sun. 5-5’ Tall. Hardy in zones 4-8.



White Chiffon® Hibiscus

The crisp white flowers of White Chiffon® rose of Sharon make a cool, refreshing oasis in the landscape that is especially effective on summer nights, when they seem to shine out from the plant. Fluffy centers not only make the blooms extra showy, they also ensure this plant sets much less seed than conventional roses of Sharon as well. All of the Chiffon® series naturally grows with a useful rounded habit and soft graceful stems. Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to them and deer tend not to find them tasty.


‘Miss Pearl’ Buddleia

The crisp, clean, pure white flowers of 'Miss Pearl' buddleia are the perfect accent for any landscape, from a cottage garden to more formal plantings. The newest member of the perfectly-sized "Miss" series, it offers a new color of these refined, non-invasive butterfly bushes. 'Miss Pearl' blooms for months and will never be without dozens of honey-scented flowers in the summer time. It will entice bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and fortunately isn’t particularly tasty to deer.


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