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Perennials for Shade

Do you have a shady spot in the garden?


Do you have a shady spot in the garden? Sometimes finding plants that work in a shady garden can be difficult. But we’ve been working on it! Get that shady spot filled with texture and color from Proven Winners®.

'Coast to Coast'

  • Hosta are the #1 best-selling perennials and for good reason. They are tough and durable and get larger and more striking with every year!
  • Coast to Coast’s leaves come up gold in spring and lighten to a golden yellow in
    the summer. The leaves are thick and puckered with wavy edges and make an incredible glow in a shady spot!
    Contrasting pale violet flowers open in midsummer.
  • Hardy in USDA zones 3-9


Brazen Raisin

  • Add a dramatic splash of dark purplish black foliage to your combination containers and garden with the new Dolce® Brazen Raisin
  • 2-3” matte textured leaves with wine red undersides form a dense mound.
  • In midsummer, deep red flower stalks carry a mist of hot pink buds over the leaves, which open into pale pink to white flowers.
  • Hardy in USDA zones 4-9

'Jade Peacock'


  • This beautiful woodland perennial provides year round interest with its evergreen, feathery patterned foliage.
  • In spring, the new foliage emerges bright yellowish green with a prominent, deep red center and scattering over the top are pale pink to white blooms.
  • In summer, leaf color shifts to jade green with a deep purple center.
  • In winter, the leaves turn deep mahogany purple with a black center.
  • Hardy in USDA zones 4-9

Fun and Games



  • This easy perennial is valued for its colorful foliage, and low maintenance needs.
  • Just like Coral Bells, the spring leaves are more intensely colored and deepen as summer continues.
  • Leapfrog’s attractive leaves add texture and subtle colors to your shady garden.
  • Down a rocky shady slope, along a creek, or in containers for all season color & texture ‘Leapfrog’ is easy and low maintenance.
  • Hardy in USDA zones 4-9
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