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Meet the 2017 Perennial of the Year

Introducing the 2017 Perennial of the Year: Amazing Daisies® 'Banana Cream'! As our most popular Proven Winners Perennial, the choice was obvious when it came to naming the top perennial of the year. Its buttery yellow blooms and strong growth have earned it a place of honor in gardens across the U.S.


Amazing Daisies® 'Banana Cream' Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)

Meet this beautiful, reliable shasta daisy that will mix effortlessly with your other perennials in any sunny spot in your garden. Its huge 4-5”, lemon yellow flowers brighten to creamy white as they bloom all summer long on strong stems that never require staking. Its deep green, disease resistant foliage is a cinch to maintain and truly shines in the landscape.

Distinguishing Qualities:

  • 4-5” round, lemon yellow flowers brighten to creamy white
  • Long blooming through summer
  • Attracts butterflies and is bee-friendly
  • Cut flowers last up to two weeks in fresh bouquets
  • Versatile – grows in landscapes and containers
  • Measures 15-18” tall x 18-24” wide
  • Returns reliably year after year in zones 5-9

Care Tips

‘Banana Cream’ is a very easy perennial to grow, so it is a good choice for any gardener from beginner to advanced. Choose a sunny spot unless you are gardening in the deep south where afternoon shade will help to preserve the yellow flower color longer.

This plant will grow in any type of soil as long as it has good drainage. Daisies hate wet roots, especially in winter. Give it about an inch of water per week. Feed it with a balanced plant food once in spring after new growth appears and again in midsummer to keep them blooming longer. Do not feed it after midsummer.

Once the flowers have finished and they turn brown, trim them off. You should see tiny little buds starting to form on the stems below the spent flowers by that time. Those are the next round of flowers to bloom, so take care not to cut those off. Your plants should rebloom within a few weeks. In the fall, after the whole plant has turned brown, you can cut the foliage back to the ground. It will return the following spring.


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Patent info: Amazing Daisies® 'Banana Cream' Leucanthemum superbum USPP23181 CanPBR4203.

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