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Meet the 2017 Landscape Plant of the Year

Introducing the 2017 Landscape Plant of the Year: Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia! Don't let the delicate look of this pretty pink, spring flowering shrub fool you. It's tough constitution makes it a durable plant for challenging spaces. 

Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia

Ten years in the making, this first-ever pink flowering ‘Nikko’-type Deutzia was developed by highly respected plantsman Dr. Tom Ranney of North Carolina State University. This is a low growing, deer resistant, somewhat drought tolerant shrub that is covered in small, pink flowers in spring. It is ideal for covering slopes and for use as a low maintenance groundcover, and it tolerates clay soil. Rich burgundy fall color adds to its appeal.

Distinguishing Qualities:

  • Plants are loaded with pink flowers each spring
  • Tidy, mounded plant
  • Petite size makes it easy to grow in containers and smaller landscapes
  • Rich burgundy fall foliage color
  • Excellent deer resistance
  • Measures 12-24” tall and wide
  • Returns reliably each year in zones 5-8

Care Tips

Deutzia grows and flowers best when planted in full sun, though it will tolerate part shade especially in the south. Give it about an inch of water per week. Feed it with a balanced plant food each spring when the leaves start to emerge. This plant typically does not need to be pruned to keep its shape, but if you would like to trim it, do so right after it is done blooming in spring to avoid cutting off next year’s flower buds.


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Patent info: Yuki Cherry Blossom® Deutzia USPPAF CanPBR5079.

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