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 Grow beautiful, lush houseplants with minimal effort

With multi-seasonal appeal and a virtually carefree nature, itea shrub makes an invaluable addition to any yard

How to decorate with indoor plants to add life and visual interest to your home

The first step is understanding the existing lighting conditions in each season.

Brightly colored berries, attractive foliage and year-round appeal make holly plants a favorite in home landscapes

Arm yourself with your test results from your soil type test and now  your drainage behavior test. There are only a few elements to go before we have everything you need for the best garden in the neighborhood. 

Discover top rain garden plants that aren't phased by a heavy downpour and will keep your garden looking vibrant

Clay Soil

Soil is the foundation of a healthy garden, and knowing your soil type is essential for improving your soil health and arming you will the primary knowledge required to choose the right plants. 

Sky-blue flowers and golden-yellow fall color make this native perennial a star in any garden

Showing 11 - 20 of 453.
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