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What is a Signature Garden

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Proven Winners® Signature Garden - High-Quality Plants for High-Profile Places

The Proven Winners® Signature Garden designation is a prestigious certification representing a partnership between Proven Winners® and elite, exclusive, high profile properties across the country.

The goal of this partnership is to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration involving the property’s staff horticulturists (or the landscape maintenance professional), the landscape architect or designer, and local nurseries or growers supplying Proven Winners® plants . . . all working together to develop a landscape and garden presentation featuring Proven Winners® prominently on the property.

In addition to providing a stunning showcase of Proven Winners® plants, a Proven Winners® Signature Garden promotes the location for visitors and guests, garden clubs, trade groups, and landscape professionals - providing a showcase display garden for all involved. Most Proven Winners® Signature Garden locations schedule formal garden tours, distribute brochures detailing the plants throughout the gardens, and conduct garden show events. Properties must demonstrate a strict set of criteria to be considered for this designation, including high visibility, demographic synergies, marketing recognition, and a commitment to a quality landscape presentation. Visitor traffic and revenues are enhanced by improved guest interest, garden tours, additional event opportunities, and visitor appreciation.

Upon application, The Proven Winners® Signature Garden Selection Committee is responsible for the Proven Winners® Signature Garden selection status and designation. Each site is to be designated with signage and certification, and is to be displayed proudly on site. Only properties with a commitment to a quality presentation will be considered. This designation is granted on a yearly basis with garden standards required for renewable status.



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